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Our Services

School Improvement

  • ACSI Accreditation

  • School Certification

  • Student Assessment

  • Student Leadership Conference

Professional Growth & CEU Units

  • ACSI Educators Conference

  • ACSI Ed Leadership Summit

  • ACSI Roundtable for School Administrators

  • ACSI Asia Pacific Roundtable

  • Board Training

  • Enabler Seminars/Workshop

  • Early ED Training/Conference

ACSI Philippines

We have Christian school memberships from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. It is our mission to serve all sectors of each school community and equip them with everything essential to craft, align, and execute a vision for their schools through variety of activities. These can be achieved only by God's grace and by the concerted efforts of support and valuable cooperation of our membership.

We pray that we can be assistance to everyone.

We shall continue to serve all other Christian schools in the country and ask them to join our community of students, teachers, school leaders and other supportive individuals and organizations to take active and meaningful roles in the realization  of the ACSI Mission.

Our Services

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